Lift & Learn / Place & Learn

Elevate the Shopping Experience

Unlock a new dimension of shopping with “Lift & Learn” or “Place & Learn” – two innovative solutions designed to enrich the shopping experience. With a simple lift or placement of a product, easescreen takes you on a journey of product discovery, offering immersive multimedia content that showcases your items like never before.

Lift & Learn

Explore the Solution


    Harness the power of RFID tags (adhesive labels) to identify products effortlessly.


    One player can seamlessly manage up to 8 platforms, each capable of handling up to 50 uniquely programmed RFID tags.


    Elevate customer decision-making by allowing them to compare two or more products side by side.


    Empower shop assistants with digital tools to provide real-time, interactive customer support.

What do you need for Lift & Learn?

To bring this innovative shopping experience to life, you’ll need:

  • An easescreen software license with the interactivity feature (details available in the software price list).
  • easescreen player hardware from the silver class and above, equipped with an RS232 interface or a USB/RS232 adapter.
  • Lift & Learn or Place & Learn hardware, along with RFID tags.

Transform Shopping Today

Enhance your customers’ shopping journey with “Lift & Learn” or “Place & Learn.” These interactive solutions offer a unique and engaging way to showcase your products, provide valuable information, and assist shoppers in making informed decisions. Elevate your retail experience with easescreen.


Lift & Learn