Smart Crowd Control – Customer Flow Management

Market ready Solution

People counting and customer flow management
with digital signage and intelligent sensor technology

The current situation requires efficient solutions. With Smart Crowd Control, easescreen offers a market-ready product that takes over the intelligent control of people entering stores or buildings.

Efficient, digital access control for business premises with a clear advantage: at any given time, business owners know exactly how many visitors are crowding the premises.

Sensors are used that are mounted on the ceiling at the entrances and exits and show the visualization on the digital signage display in real time. easescreen Smart Crowd Control can be used across locations for any size of store.

Functionality and advantages:
  • Sensor detects people entering and leaving stores
  • Visualization on the display is in real time
  • Visualization (content/design) can be customized
  • Video data is only processed locally at the sensor
  • Meets official requirements & GDPR criteria
  • 99% accuracy
  •  Added value:
    – Measurement of customer frequency
    – Full Digital Signage Package

Which product bundle do you need?

  • easescreen Silver Player
  • easescreen Lizenz Simple Signage Client
  • Feature Dynamic Data
  • Feature Data Import
  • Feature Interactive
  • Smart Crowd Control Sensor Integration Library

Product Information

  • easescreen Smart Crowd Control can be customized for any store size & location
  • The threshold values can be used to immediately display the current status, e.g. green/red or another individual visualization (information, advertising messages, etc.)
  • The solution is available right away

More details in our product information

Visualization: Content and design can be easily created with the easescreen software

The optical 3D sensor can be interconnected for multiple inputs and outputs

easescreen Demo-Video Smart Crowd Control

In the demo video Bernhard Tödtling presents how the market-ready solution works. Only available in German. Duration: approx. 2 min.