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KNAPP AG – Industrial Innovation in the Spotlight

Intelligent solutions deserve to be understood and admired. By combining media technology and digital signage, the KNAPP AG showroom in Hart bei Graz achieves just that: bridging the gap between innovation and customers. The 12 stations of the guided tour can be easily operated from a tablet and the presenter can interactively control the media files. easescreen guarantees that the most up-to-date content is available at each station. In addition, when a station is not in use, a screensaver is displayed, providing ambiance in the sense of corporate identity. In this way, each screen is used to its full potential, even when not in use.

In this project, the focus is on the visitor experience, but usability is also guaranteed. A sustainable world of experience is thus created, bringing added value for customers and employees alike.

This is a project by Pichler Medientechnik.