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Café Amrein Chocolatier – Delightful Digital Signage

The “Willisauer Ringli” is a traditional Swiss pastry specialty that originated in the town of Willisau in the canton of Lucerne. They are round, crispy pastry rings with a slightly sweet and spicy taste that are often enjoyed as an accompaniment to coffee or tea. Willisauer Ringli are very popular in Switzerland and are often brought back as souvenirs or gifts.

The recipe was first perfected in the famous Ursprunghaus in Willisau in 1850. Today, it is home to the charming Café Amrein Chocolatier, where other delicacies such as cakes and confections can be enjoyed alongside the Willisauer Ringli. Guests can find out more about the traditional pastries and daily specials through easescreen digital signage – so that their stay is not only a treat for the stomach but also for the eyes!

With the help of easescreen’s easy-to-use user interfaces, content can be easily exchanged, ensuring variety and relevance at all times. Furthermore, easescreen allows for the use of various types of content without limitations on media format or topic. This versatility makes the installation sustainable and adaptable. One Solution for All Applications – now also at Café Amrein Chocolatier!

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