The Schuco Welcome Forum at the Schuco Campus in Bielefeld has been providing comprehensive insights into the world of Schüco to visitors since March 2022. Covering an area of 4,650 square meters, it showcases the current product range and provides information about Schuco’s history and reference projects. easescreen is used as a solution that, despite the high complexity of this installation, enables a straightforward user experience.

Centralized Management

From displays to LED installations and info points, all points of view (POVs) are centrally managed and operated. This simplifies collaboration among various stakeholders: content creation, on-site personnel, and tour guides. At the customer’s request, the existing easescreen software was integrated for this purpose.

Thanks to easescreen’s numerous interfaces, individually programmed software was connected. The station content can be accessed and displayed through an iPad app for the individual visitor group. Furthermore, it is possible to take a group photo with the app and add comments, which can then be distributed to other stations using easescreen. The news pool on 11 touch displays is managed with Ventuz while easescreen defines the content.

ICT AG implemented this project.