Styria Media Group

The global pandemic and New Work trend have significantly impacted our work environment. Styria Media AG proactively used Digital Signage to change their HQ: from the outdoor LED news ticker and lobby ambiance wall to fully equipped meeting and conference rooms. Even the Styria Newsroom and  Styria Print Group leverage Digital Signage for enhanced information and increased safety and efficiency. And most importantly: each screen is part of a unified Corporate Strategy, creating a holistic brand experience for employees and visitors. This is Digital Signage: the creation of an immersive experience where virtual/hybrid communication begins to feel natural.

Styria Media Group – The Incredible Diversity of Digital Signage

Project details:

  • Outdoor LED news-ticker
  • Lobby LED ambiance wall
  • Newsroom
  • Skyroom
  • Video conference rooms

This project was realized by Pichler Medientechnik e.U.