Greiner Loge

The Greiner Loge, located in the LASK soccer stadium in Linz, has been given a new, impressive makeover. Thanks to our partnership with ICT AG, as well as the expert craftsmanship of Hans Mittermaier GmbH and CBA Clemens Bachmann Architects, a beautifully designed and functional space has been created with careful attention to detail.

Functionality meets Design!

One of the main attractions is the Absen LED wall, measuring 3.5 by 1.5 meters. It is situated behind a special granulate pane, a product created by Greiner. The LED lighting elements are seamlessly attached to the wall, giving it a distinctive look. The lighting extends across the ceiling, tying the room together and leading to the opposite wall. Using lighting controls, the ambiance can be changed instantly, making the space more versatile. Moreover, the box is an attention-grabber from the outside and offers an exceptional view of the stadium from the inside.

The Greiner Loge at the LASK soccer stadium features a conference system with top-notch sound quality, as well as a media control system that allows for intuitive control of the entire room. This ensures a seamless soccer experience for all attendees.

Photo credit Bernd Ducke.