Austrian Travel Agencies

ÖBB, Ruefa, Loacker, and Columbus

To turn travel agencies into flexible advertising platforms – that’s the goal Mahmut Orucoglu from Oruvision has set for himself. His customers include well-known travel providers such as ÖBB, Ruefa, Loacker, Columbus, and many others. This association of service providers creates an ideal digital presence in the public space with regard to travel.

Data Efficiency & PoV Intelligence

This is not only about presence but also about crucial issues such as data efficiency and resource conservation. Instead of printed posters that have to be exchanged manually and with considerable lead time, all locations can now be managed centrally and with minimal data transfer. The “intelligence” is outsourced to the PoV, which also provides a backup in the event of Internet problems. With this real-time advertising adjustment, customers can also be optimally distributed to the available destinations.

A Long-term Partnership

“The benefits of the latest software upgrade are already enabling us to achieve efficiencies with huge potential for the future,” said Mahmut Orucoglu. “By joining forces, we try to unfold solutions that are always better than the original ones. easescreen, as a companion from the beginning, supports us in the best possible way and helps us to turn these plans into reality. What we have worked out with the experience and know-how of easescreen will bring us forward many times over in the near future.”

Gerhard Pichler, CEO of easescreen comments: “Oruvision has fascinated us from the beginning with its scope as a Digital Signage company in tourism. We are all the more delighted to contribute with our knowledge to the realization of Oruvision’s goals as a software partner.”