On AG is a Swiss company based in Zurich, specializing in the design and development of sports equipment. The newly renovated headquarters is designed to provide an exceptional, high-quality working environment. Intuitive collaboration and “Modern Work” are vital priorities at On.

#NewWork the Swiss Way

Let’s start with the core of every modern work building: the meeting rooms. With over 52 fully equipped meeting rooms, proper management is crucial: with easescreen’s eSign room booking solution, numerous meeting rooms are booked, unblocked, and monitored for usage at On AG.

Digital Signage in meeting rooms also makes optimal use of the installed screens: A video cube is available in the corner room for 360° conferences, automatically switching to Digital Signage with easescreen outside of meetings – win-win!

easescreen is also used for the double-sided 5-screen video wall in the customer service area: for displaying statistics, open tickets, and calls. Thus, Digital Signage is informative and a business-critical part of daily operations. For employee information, there is an LED wall in the lobby.

This is a project of our partner Kilchenmann AG.