For the past 5 years, Digital Signage has been rolled out to BENU pharmacies throughout Slovakia – a project with sustainable success! More than 180 screens with only 150 licenses are already in use, and the positive customer response as well as the central management of the easescreen software allow the planning of further points of visualization.

Sustainable growth in healthcare

BENU primarily displays image and video files, and thanks to easescreen’s media diversity, numerous formats can be uploaded: from jpg, png and psd to mp4, mov and even Adobe flash. For an engaging retail experience, LCD displays are embedded perfectly into the furniture. In addition, video walls made of seamless LCD displays serve as a real eye-catcher – ensuring not only that our health benefits, but also that the aesthetic and emotional impression is a lasting one.

This is a project of our partner QEX. BENU commented: “We are very happy to work with QEX and their hardware solutions and easescreen software. They are a very reliable partner that we can always count on.”