Modernization of patient communication at the PVZ Melk  

Thanks to the easescreen software, a pioneering project has been implemented at the Melk Primärversorgungszentrum (PVZ) that takes patient communication to a new level.  

Effective communication for patients   

The PVZ Melk serves as a practice for general medicine and extended therapeutic services and is the first point of contact for anyone with health-related questions. To ensure effective and up-to-date communication, PVZ Melk has invested in the latest technology – three HTML5 licenses from easescreen.

Direct information inside and outside the building  

These licenses make it possible to present important information directly in the building in order to keep patients up to date on relevant topics directly on site. In addition, a stele was installed outside the center to make public information accessible. This stele is a central point of contact for the public to stay informed about important announcements.  

Improving patient communication  

The project at PVZ Melk shows how innovative digital solutions can improve patient communication, both within the building and beyond. easescreen is delighted to be part of this innovative project and to help make healthcare more accessible and efficient for all.  

This is a project of our partner Signnet