Information Management at FH JOANNEUM

FH JOANNEUM, a renowned university of applied sciences in Styria, is known for its visionary mission to make a significant contribution to the economy and society while actively helping to shape our future.


As part of a pioneering collaboration, easescreen implemented a project at FH JOANNEUM. The challenge was to create a modern information management system that meets the requirements of a dynamic educational institution.


The project included the installation of Digital Signage info displays and doorsigns that have a direct interface to a customer booking tool. This allows information on room, office and lecture hall bookings to be automatically retrieved from the booking tool, processed and shown on the displays and doorsigns throughout the campus.

The following products were used to implement this innovative solution:

  • easescreen eInk
  • easescreen MMS
  • easescreen eSign

These products provide a robust and flexible platform that enables customized solutions to be developed and implemented for specific requirements.

The implementation of this project marks a significant step towards more efficient information management at FH JOANNEUM. By seamlessly integrating digital signage into teaching and administrative operations, easescreen helps to optimize communication and interaction on campus and create a contemporary learning environment.

easescreen has become an important part of educational institutions and is pleased to continuously support this area. Through innovative technologies and customized solutions, we are helping to improve the educational experience and shape the future of learning. The successful collaboration with FH JOANNEUM is just one example of our commitment to helping educational institutions achieve their goals and fully exploit the potential of digital technologies.

This is a project of our partner DiCube.