A1 GIGA Academy – Education with a dream view

Why settle for bad weather or boring house fronts when you can have the view of your dreams? And on top of that, the perfect theme for any occasion, mood, and time of day?
At the A1 GIGA Academy, we have done just that: in the vestibule of the A1-internal educational institution, 4 virtual windows present a view of your choice.

The A1 GIGA Academy is directly connected to the A1 Shop Mariahilfer Straße 60. It offers space for employee training and innovative initiatives such as the video online consulting service, which is designed to offer remote store services. Visitors are greeted by a virtual window as they ascend the stairs, with the remaining 3 windows following in the vestibule, which contains several workspaces and the internal “Wall of Fame” for special employee awards.

Behind the replicated window frames, embedded in a replicated brick wall, 4 Samsung displays synchronously present a realistic view using the easescreen Digital Signage software. Thus, they perfectly fit into the general look & feel of the A1 GIGA Academy, modeled after a university campus with a park.

This project was developed in cooperation with our partner A1.