TU Graz Innovation Lab

Innovative media technology and digital signage

The laboratory for innovation at the campus Inffeldgasse of the Technical University Graz is the biggest academic makerspace in Austria. New product ideas and designs are collaboratively developed, prototypes are produced and new business models are being tested right away. The aim of the new makerspace is to create cooperation between industrial and scientific research.

Pichler Medientechnik and easescreen have implemented a multi-media space there that serves:

  • students
  • events
  • smaller concerts
  • film screenings
  • video conferences

These are the highlights:

Multi-media equipment

  • LED-wall, 10 x 3m (60 pieces 1×0,5m elements)
  • pixel distance 2,6mm
  • picture processor
  • video wall processor
  • short distance projection (WUXGA)
  • preview display for stage direction
  • consistent AV-signal management via AVoIP transmitters/receivers (20 pieces!)
  • blueray-player, digital signage player
  • video conference with 2 cameras and 2 array ceiling microphones, USB-bridge, softclient-compatibility


  • high-class 7.1 surround sound
    consistent audio signal management
    viad Dante network
  • 4 digital radio transmission paths (Dante)
  • 1 speaker place (Dante)
  • multiformat audio player

Light, room functions:

  • 6 professional LED-Fresnel spotlights,
    control via touch panel
  • room lighting and sun-blinds via KNX
    gateway, control via touch panel


  • 7“ touch panel (installed fix in speaker’s podium)
  • 10“ mobile touch display (via W-LAN)
  • digital mixing desk (direction), fully Dante integrated

Digital signage with touch and keypad control:

  • 3 x 1 video wall – interaction with multi-media control
  • switch over of content via keypad „DS-Channels“
  • switch over of individual monitors to live-presentation
  • dynamic change of content during live-presentation
  • 75“ UHD-touch screen
  • operated by easescreen with interactive touch-content