Hilti Headquarter

Not only unique buildings and outstanding equipment can attract customers’ attention, but also the right digital signage installation. Here, the Hilti Headquarter is one innovative step ahead of its competitors, thanks to the 15m2 LED wall in the entrance area. Thanks to being perfectly calibrated, the installation can also be seen from the busy Altmannsdorfer Strasse, making it part of the external brand experience.

Solid Digital Signage for the Construction Industry

Upon entering the building, the LED wall is the visual first contact for external visitors and employees, making it the ideal platform to display the company’s history, core values, and product innovations. This creates an inviting welcome and, at the same time, a sense of being part of the company, for those entering the building, whether they are employees, customers, prospects, or partners.

The high-resolution display of content – powered by easescreen – allows for extraordinary visual experiences that put the message front and center. At the same time, over 170 media formats can be imported and easily updated using simple tools such as drag and drop.

This is a project by our partner Pichler Medientechnik.