Berglandmilch – The journey of an Austrian dairy  

Berglandmilch is a producer of high-quality milk and dairy products. It is Austria’s largest dairy with around 1,500 employees. It is firmly rooted in the Austrian cultural landscape and attaches great importance to the sustainable use of resources. The dairy is also a pioneer in sustainability and animal welfare along the entire value chain.  

The company relies on innovative technologies to offer visitors an impressive information and presentation experience. The applications used cover a wide range of digital solutions:   

  • Digital posters  
  • Interactive displays  
  • LED walls (external triggers)   
  • Video walls  
  • Welcome screen   

This comprehensive information/presentation system in the visitor centre enables Berglandmilch to provide visitors with an effective and innovative insight into its activities.   

The realisation of the project includes an impressive LED wall and a high-resolution 75″ UHD display for each location. The presentations are operated by a Neets control system, which enables intuitive handling. The LED walls are automatically started by an external trigger, such as a light switch, to ensure a smooth and appealing presentation. 

easescreen applications:   

The easescreen applications used, in particular the Windows POV clients, help to present the content on the displays efficiently and offer visitors an interactive and informative experience. With these technologies, Berglandmilch is positioning itself as a pioneer in the digital presentation of information and at the same time strengthening its commitment to sustainability and resource conservation.  

 This is a project of our partner Signnet.