Technological milestone at the Neufeld indoor swimming pool, Bern 

A visionary project that began to take shape in the 1990s is now manifesting itself in Neufeld, Bern. After intensive deliberation and planning, the municipal council decided on this location. In 2017, Hochbau Stadt Bern announced the competition for the construction of the 50m indoor swimming pool. The “goccia” project by Armon Semadeni Architekten from Zurich won the following year. 

With the approval of the electorate in November 2019 for a construction loan of 75.5 million, the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony took place in June 2020. The construction work went according to plan and the indoor swimming pool opened its doors in fall 2023. 

Technical concept 

However, the Neufeld indoor swimming pool is not just an architectural gem, but also a technological masterpiece. The comprehensive technical concept, implemented by Kilchenmann AG, revolutionizes the swimming experience. 

A key feature of the system is the individual operability of each zone, controlled via touch panels. Three touch panels are available, including one in the lifeguard’s lodge, which serves as the master control for events. This allows flexible adjustment of the audio and video settings for different scenarios, whether in pool operation with background sound or in event operation with the event track activated for competitions. 

The audio and video technology extends across various areas of the pool hall, from the diving tower to the training room. 

The training room impresses with an 85-inch multimedia display on a mobile stand. A wireless presentation system, microphone and loudspeakers complete the state-of-the-art equipment. Intercom stations at various locations enable automatic speech texts, while corrosion-resistant indoor pool clocks display the exact time for swimmers. 

The LED walls in the 50-meter pool and at the diving pool are another highlight. They not only show the time and lane occupancy, but also serve as a graphic display of towers and reservations. 

Visitors are informed about prices, opening times, bus timetables and upcoming events via double-sided steles at the entrance/exit. The pool attendant’s lodge uses a double-sided stele for guest information and plays a special safety content for the pool attendants. 

Innovative 17-inch changing room door signs make it easy to reserve changing rooms at the touch of a button. 

The Neufeld indoor swimming pool is not only a place for water sports, but also a testament to technological innovation and progressive design. Welcome to the future of swimming in Bern!