The Genusspoint in the heart of Vienna

The Genusspoint is located in this pulsating area, at Stephansplatz right next to the subway station. A store that attracts attention, especially since the latest technical upgrades!  

Technical implementation  

The latest addition to the store is a stunning LED wall with a pixel pitch of just 1.9mm and an LED Up from LEDECA. These modern displays are not only eye-catching, but also allow messages and offers to be presented in a dynamic and appealing way.  

Thanks to the easescreen software, content customization is quick and effortless, granting customers full control over their displays. Whether it’s highlighting a special promotion, showcasing a new product, or displaying theme-specific images, easescreen puts the power in the customer’s hands. 

However, the realm of technological innovations extends beyond this. The feed is facilitated by Giada and NovaStar products, esteemed for their precision and reliability. These cutting-edge systems ensure that displays come to life with unparalleled image quality and flair. 

So, immerse yourself not only in the array of delicacies within the store but also in the marvels of technological advancements. 

This is a project of our partner Pichler Medientechnik.