Millennium City shines in new splendor

An exciting chapter in the digital transformation of the Millennium City, shopping and entertainment center in Vienna, Austria, is being launched with the introduction of 14 Digital Signage totems.

With an impressive 50,000m² of space and over 100 stores, restaurants and entertainment venues, Millennium City welcomes an average of 14 million visitors annually. Since its construction in 1999, this versatile venue has brought together offices, residential areas, shopping and entertainment.

Creating a world of experience

Three years ago, an ambitious plan to digitize and modernize the center was developed, which included the installation of a network of digital totems.

Technical implementation

Millennium City turned to Kapsch BusinessCom for the design, planning, installation and maintenance of these digital totems. The concept comprises a network of 14 totems and wall-mounted displays designed to offer visitors an interactive experience. 26 55-inch DynaScan DI551ST2 professional LCDs were used to power the totems.

The Giada D68 was selected for media playback. This powerful device, equipped with Intel Whiskey Lake CPUs, provides independent outputs for multiple 4K displays and features intuitive touchscreen support, allowing both staff and customers to interact seamlessly.

The software for controlling the displays comes from easescreen, a leading provider of Digital Signage solutions worldwide. With a focus on advertising, information and infotainment, easescreen offers software solutions ranging from simple content management systems to sophisticated business signage applications.

The content management and monitoring of the entire signage network is carried out by the renowned agency mediaCon, based in Austria.