Austrian Pharmacies

Health comes first: True to this philosophy, K-Businesscom has equipped more than 200 Austrian pharmacies with a Digital Signage system. The screens greet customers as soon as they enter the pharmacy and offer information and entertainment to minimize waiting time. In addition, the displays are a popular advertising space for large and small pharmaceutical companies, linking the right products to customers who need them. In this way, a visit to the pharmacy becomes a fun experience!

Holistic thinking: The supra-regional content concept is planned editorially by GSK-Gebro and also incorporates the respective pharmacy’s own visuals. As a result, the system is effortlessly managed via one rollout but is still locally adapted and thus always interesting. The solution is deployed throughout Austria via UMTS. Thanks to easescreen’s infinite scalability, new locations can be incorporated flexibly, allowing the project to continue to grow along with its success.

Customer review

For a digital signage project of this size, easescreen as a software has far exceeded our expectations.

Christian-Thomas Retinger