Occhio: New standards in architecture and design

The “Occhio store brienner quartier” in Munich sets new standards in architecture and design and offers a unique lighting and brand experience with Digital Signage. Occhio’s high standards in design and product quality is reflected in every detail of the new brand world.

Quote of our easescreen-partner Claus Lohse, managing director, act Beratungs- & System GmbH: “Especially when it comes to complex requirements of customers, easescreen provides suitable solutions. For example in the Occhio store we played a monitor wall with 24 screens in a total resolution with 4.320 x 11.520 pixels synchronously with high-quality content.”

Unique product presentation in the Occhio Store Brienner

  • Rollout phase: 1 premium store in Munich
  • Goal: creating a new product experience for the topic light culture
  • Centerpiece of the project ist he more than 20 m2 video wall with 24 frameless 55“ monitors
  • Absolute eye-catcher ist the moving picture displayed on the whole video wall, played by 3 synchronized ProGraphic-player PCs.

Special features thanks to easescreen:

  • 12 graphic card outputs with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixel or rather with an overall resolution from 4.320 to 11.520 pixel ensure an absolutely sharp picture as well as frame-synchronized playout of the specially produced content.

This solution had been implemented by our easescreen partner actsys .