With digital signage and the easy-to-use software from easescreen, you can present your information anywhere in the world in any number of places while still enjoying significant advantages over traditional media.


    easescreen can be used for “simple signage” with a single display and a simple content management system up to business signage applications.


    Market leaders place their trust in easescreen. You have the choice of On Premises or Online.


    We grow with your requirements. Thanks to its sophisticated scalability, easescreen can be used from the smallest solution to the automated omnichannel system for global chain stores.


    We are more than 20 years on the market and a competent sales team with a lot of experience in international digital signage projects will be pleased to assist you.

easescreen PRODUCTS

Take full advantage of the digital signage potential

easescreen makes digital communication as simple and effective as never before. Out of the box or individually adapted: easescreen easily scales and adapts to all types of projects. Depending on your requirements, easescreen offers various licence packages.

X.20 – the new release is available!

What’s in the new release?

The X.20 Digital Signage Software in detail:

  • POV client
    • Chrome 78
    • Improved touch functionality
  • HTML5
    • Interactivity
    • Streaming
    • Offline Content Update
    • Native apps for BrightSign and NEC
  • web interface
    • device management
    • optimized user interface

web interface X.20 with facelift

Create, plan and distribute content and campaigns simply by drag & drop with images, text, videos and real-time content to the respective output devices.

What is new in the web interface?

Users benefit from simplified usability, new digital signage templates and helpful widgets:

  • New functions for the POV in WIN and HTML5
  • HTML5 Native App for BrightSign and NEC
  • web interface device management

The updated user interface consists of a clear main navigation, but offers a wider range of functions. For example, the user authorization management has been expanded and can now be setup for groups on account level, via campaign level or even on the lowest permission level for individual templates or media files.




Digital advertisement

Easy maintenance
Simple design

User Interfaces
incl. Screenmanager
Webinteface II optional
Licensing model
buy / on premises
Functions and media
Pictures, text, video, web



Corporate TV
Information systems for
employees and customers
Digital bulletinboard
Welcome- and advertisement screens

Easy maintenance
Simple design

User Interfaces
incl. Screenmanager and Web CMS
Webinterface II optional
Licensing model
buy / on premises
Media and content
Pictures, text, video, web
PDF, PPT, music,
dynamic data



Interactive and dynamic systems with a high
degree of automatization in
retail, transportation and corporate sector
Cross-site digital-signage networks
Wayfinding systems, DOOH

System Management

User Interfaces
incl. Screenmanager and Web CMS
Webinterface II optional
Licensing model
buy / on premises
Media and content
Pictures, text, video, web
PDF, PPT, music,
dynamic data,
streaming, RSS feeds,


Everything, just the way you need it

This is guaranteed by the concept of easescreen, which allows you to quickly and safely carry out and integrate individual adaptations to your specific needs – even if you want to receive and display data from “third-party devices” or read and process information from databases.

An Overview

Format variety incl. TV

Immediately ready for use without previous conversion
Format variety incl. TV – 170 different media formats ready to play.
With easescreen, all popular digital media files can be immediately added to your playlist – from PowerPoint presentations (no Microsoft PowerPoint license required!), Pictures and films to PDFs and websites. A list of all supported file formats can be found here:
Supported file formats
easescreen supports popular TV formats (DVB-T, DVB-S, various IP-TV systems), which can be displayed at any point.

Simple operation

No lengthy training needed
The big advantage of easescreen lies in its ease of use. This is effortless for any user with knowledge of Windows. All playlists and playback layouts can be created by yourself thanks to the clear and intuitive interface.

Network - Updating

Up to date in no time
Easescreen makes it easy for you to transfer content and schedules at the click of a mouse. Routine settings and updates can also be performed via the web interface (integrated HTTP server).

Preview function

Always accurate
You have an exact overview at all times, because the preview and screenshot function of the screen manager allows you to have a completely identical preview of what will be displayed or is being displayed on the POV (Point of Visualization).

Protocol function

Everything under control
Checks and documentation are possible with easescreen at any time. Each POV stores all playout and status information as the basis for billing or service.

Free layout

Creativity and ideas are unlimited
With easescreen you are completely free to easily design your screen layout. You are not bound to any templates. The selection of pre-generated screen layouts is always open to you. Previously created layouts can be saved and reused if necessary. Each screen layout can be divided into any number of “sub-screens” and “free windows” to which any playlists (webpage, movies, TV images etc.) can be assigned.

Layouts from a word processor of your choice and templates can be automatically or manually filled with your current parameters (for example, a welcome page for guests).

Authorization level

Everyone gets their own access
easescreen allows the definition of any number of levels for the separation of layout and content or for the allocation of editing permissions to any number of people, groups or departments.

This means that organizational and legal separate schedules can be created independently of one another, which can then be mixed together automatically into a common playlist in the actual display according to given rules.


As you wish
Easescreen’s interactive software can respond to both input from people (e.g., touch screen) and external trigger events (e.g., sensors, network thresholds, temperature, etc.). Switching from stored display contents can thus be triggered automatically.

Control output devices

Perfection included
easescreen has been specially optimized for all types of electronic displays and thereby ensures reliable turn-on, switch-off and / or automatic monitoring of the terminals (displays, players).

Multiple monitors

All good things come with more
With the appropriate hardware features, easescreen can simultaneously supply multiple output devices with content from one player. Independent playlists per screen and the connection of multiple screens to a large display area can therefore be realized.

No expensive servers necessary

That saves costs
The players are operated in smaller easescreen networks directly through the screen manager which can be installed on several workstations. The contents of the players can be edited by several screen managers according to the rules of the rights management thereby saving you costs and trouble.

In larger easescreen networks, the use of the easescreen management server software is recommended.

Large Networks

The right solution for every requirement
For large networks, we recommend the easescreen management server software. In addition to the fully automated communication with the individual players, comprehensive monitoring and reporting functions are thus made available.

Simple maintenance and installation

This is also important
With easescreen you have a highly integrated program package that is proven to be very easy to install, maintain and upgrade. A typical client installation does not take more than 30 minutes! Updates and upgrades can be carried out over the network.

Simple requirements for the POV clients

The requirements are practically zero
The only requirement for the easescreen player is the operating system Windows.


eSign is easescreen’s innovative solution for room booking and resource management. The easescreen eSign-Server provides a web-based booking tool for the administration of rooms and resources. eSign Touch door signs support the 2-way-synchronisation and the automatic import of booking information (Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Google Calender, and many more) and they are compatible to all established types of database and booking systems (CSV, XML etc.).

  • Interactive digital door signs and welcome boards
  • Easy room booking and administration via web browser
  • Integration of door signs based on Android, eInk,WinCE& Linux
  • Interfaces toMS-Outlook & 3rd partysoftware(.xml, .xsl, Google Calenderetc.)
  • Preview functionality

Which project are you planning? Our experienced sales team is at your disposal.



  • With the HTML5 client, easescreen is completely cross-platform and compatible with all relevant output media:
    Displays, Monitors, Tablets, Smartphones & iPhones
  • Without a native app, the HTML5 client runs on any browser that displays HTML5.


Let yourself be inspired by clever digital signage solutions implemented with easescreen